Dawson County Careers

                                                                DawsonCountyCareers.com  was developed to attract alumni, and retain our current youthjobs in hopes to keep our communities thriving with home-town natives by finding careers. Dawson County Nebraska offers the quality of life found in small towns coupled with an area labor population of close to 130,000. This has allowed us to utilize our deep roots in agriculture and livestock production to diversify our economy to include retail, wholesale distribution, trucking, manufacturing, and several agriculture related industries. Dawson County Communities are committed to progress and working cooperatively to provide strong community infrastructure, winning economic development incentives and superior quality of life features. Our central location along Interstate 80 and the 100th meridian places us right in the center of the United States. Dawson County residents have a strong work ethic, coupled with a powerful vision for the future. We are a place you will be glad to visit and call home.


  • DCC is catalyst between the business and the workforce of Dawson County Nebraska
  • DCC provided valuable networking and referral opportunities
  • DCC focuses on job placement
  • Recruitment of alumni and workforce by way of the ABLE Program. Advocating for Business Labor and Education.
  • DCC provided submissions of resumes and to help you find a job
  • Business can post a job and find talented people
  • We are a business and professional networking site


To promote a spirit of UNITY and COOPERATION in order to plan, organize, and affect the future development of the Dawson County area. The Council shall endeavor to diversify the local economy, foster a favorable business climate, help existing businesses grow and expand, retain existing jobs, create new jobs and career opportunities, and DEVELOP the AREA’S RESOURCES to their FULL POTENTIAL.

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