Community DevelopmentThe Community Development Coordinator at Dawson Area Development is responsible for Community Development activities as well as day to day office financial oversight.Deb Jensen organizes and oversees the DAD Leadership Program, which is available to area residents every other year.  Another task is the oversight and teaching of REACH certified Homebuyer Education classes.  Assistance is given to area member communities in various projects they may have or want to accomplish for community betterment.  One tool to accomplish this betterment is the Community Development Block Grant program and the Community Development Coordinator is a certified CDBG administrator.  Other agencies and funding sources are utilized in helping member communities solve their funding needs.The final area that the Community Development Coordinator devotes considerable time to is housing in the Dawson County area.  Affordable housing funding sources are utilized and other programs available will help alleviate the housing shortage in the Dawson County area.
Contact Information:
Deb Jensen
Dawson Area Development
Community Development Coordinator
1501 Plum Creek Parkway Suite 2B
Lexington, NE 68850
Direct Phone: 308.217.0005
Fax:  308.324.5505

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